Nubian Sky Ltd.

Aerial Infrastructure Inspections.​

Nubian Sky Ltd. offers a wide range of aerial inspection and data gathering services to a  cross-section of industries including Oil and Energy, Agriculture, Construction and Real Estate,  and Telecommunications. We are the authorised distributor for Microdrones GmBH, a commercial drone manufacturer based in Germany. For more than a decade, Microdrones has led the commercial drone industry in producing rugged, reliable quadcopters. Extra-long flight times, incredible accuracy, and resilience in harsh weather makes Microdrones a great choice for professional users, improving efficiency and amounting to significant time and cost savings.

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Aerial infrastructure inspection business serving the Agricultural, Energy, Construction, and Real E
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Our Services

  • Energy generation - inspection and monitoring of power plant infrastructures (hydroelectric dams, solar panel array, wind turbines; both on and offshore, gas power plants etc)

  • Agriculture - terrain and soil surveys that provide data about soil health and mineral composition, monitoring for pests and diseases, application of agricultural inputs(pesticides etc)

  • Construction & Real Estate 

  • Aviation

  • Telecommunications

  • Marine - ports and harbour inspections, ship inspection, offshore installations.

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