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The inspection of infrastructures is a general issue of increasing importance for a cross-section of industries across Africa and the world. Furthermore, there is an increased demand for new
applications for non-destructive testing (NDT) in order to allow remote inspection and provide unique monitoring management. 

The use of drones for aerial inspections is applicable across a wide range of industries and is not limited to the oil and gas sector. Some brief examples of commercial applications of drone technology are listed below:

  • Energy generation - inspection and monitoring of power plant infrastructures (hydroelectric dams, solar panel array, wind turbines; both on and offshore, gas power plants etc)

  • Agriculture - terrain and soil surveys that provide data about soil health and mineral composition, monitoring for pests and diseases, application of agricultural inputs(pesticides etc)

  • Construction & Real Estate 

  • Aviation

  • Telecommunications

  • Marine - ports and harbour inspections, ship inspection, offshore installations.


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