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Industrial Applications

Oil and Gas Survey

  • Methane gas detection

  • Pipeline inspections

  • Flare Stack inspections

  • Other asset inspections (Bulk storage facilities, etc.)

  • 3D modelling

Mining Survey

  • Stockpile calculation

  • Mapping and Surveying

  • Other infrastructure inspections

Agriculture Survey

  • Farm mapping and surveying

  • Input application

  • Crop health monitoring

  • Inventory counting

Civil Infrastructure Survey

  • Roads and Bridge inspections

  • Roof inspections

  • Rail line inspections

  • Building inspections

  • 3D modelling of various Civil Infrastructure

Construction and Real Estate

  • Mapping and Surveying

  • Construction site management

  • Site Security Monitoring

  • 2D mapping of sites

  • 3D modelling of various infrastructures

  • Elevation Models

Energy Generation Survey

  • Hydro dams and reservoir inspections

  • Solar panel array inspections

  • Wind turbine inspections (on and offshore)

  • Transmission power lines and pylon inspections

  • Gas power generation facilities inspections

  • 3D modelling for monitoring and damage detection


The Drone Advantage

  • Low operating cost compared to conventional alternatives

  • Higher productivity and safety

  • Access to remote areas or difficult to reach parts of infrastructure eg. flare stacks

  • Multiple sensors for detection and monitoring

  • Better monitoring and damage forecasting

  • EFFICIENCY: The drones are fast, reliable and future-oriented – technical report within 3 working days

  • OVERALL PICTURE: You get a comprehensive picture of the external condition of your entire plant

  • STRONG WIND CAPABILITY: Usability of the drones in up to wind speeds of 14 m/sec or 50 km/h, thus continuous and precise image material as well as increased operational capability is achieved

  • DOWNTIMES: Significant reduction, therefore additional savings, as they can be used more quickly after the inspection or do not have to be switched off at all

  • HEALTH & SAFETY: A decisive advantage for the precaution of accident prevention measures; protection of man and material

  • COMPARATIVE INSPECTIONS: Possible at any time – old and new data can be reproduced with pinpoint accuracy
    PREDICTIVE MAINTENANCE: Forecasting is done by inspections in time series (annually, 2 years etc.)

  • DIGITIZATION: All data are captured digitally and are compatible with your ERP system

  • DATA QUALITY: Continuous, complete data in high resolution, digitized, reproducible; all specific customer data and results are available via a secure access code


  1. Real-Time visual inspections

  2. 3D digital modelling of various infrastructures (vertical or horizontal)

  3. Methane gas leak detection

  4. Roof inspections

  5. Solar panel array inspections

  6. Computer object tracking and detection

  7. 2D photogrammetry (orthomosaic maps, digital surface model-DSM, digital elevation model-DEM, and digital terrain model-DTM generation

  8. Survey and Mapping

  9. Railway Line Inspection

  10. Telecom Tower Inspections

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